the Neverending eXperience


Ognissanti presents
A story to savour
in every sip
A story to savour
in every sip
Cartolina del drink rooftop di Ognissanti



We love being around people and being inspired by life. We are immersed in the beauty of Trani, its Majesty the Cathedral and the Templar Church of Ognissanti. On our rooftop you will be greeted by the slow effect of the harbour of Trani, its flow and reflow, the chatter, the laughter, the bubbly, and the slow flow of the sea of cheerful people ready to celebrate with selected drinks and preparations chosen by our chefs.
before Sunset



Beautiful and joyful, the sun glistens through the railings of our rooftop, resting on tables, glasses, bags, and watches. It is the Apulian sunset, so rich in nuances to remember. Choose a unique place to experience it: its reverberations in our drinks will make you in a great mood, happy to join a party.



Every time history repeats itself, but every time for us is a different show: We are fascinated by laughter, the bustle of couples, casual speeches, sometimes provocative or gently sentimental. The rooftop has brightened up and for us it is a joy to be in your company: people painted by the last dim light of the sunset that look almost like faces of a dream.
the Moon goes down



While you are smiling, almost inadvertently close your eyes and take a deep breath of pleasure. You smell a delicious aroma, and you simply say it to others: it’s time to try new sensations, in a magical and charming place.

a Neverending eXperience

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